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Market Trends to Increase Your Reach in 2023

If you're a business owner, you're likely acutely aware that trends change seemingly constantly in the world of marketing. As technology improves and professionals find new and better ways to use that technology, the landscape for marketing strategies makes massive shifts in a very tight timeframe. While there are always tried-and-true methods for increasing your business's digital reach, keeping abreast of changing times can keep your business ahead of the curve. 

Social Media Marketing and Influencers

It's not uncommon nowadays for individuals to build personal brands on social media by producing interesting, sponsored content on their social media channels. These social media influencers build up their reputation by establishing themselves as an authority on a specific topic, be that makeup, home improvement, lifestyle, or any other topic. Like the strategy of using celebrity endorsement to promote a product, a brand can make a deal with an influencer to promote their product or service. 

Is it viable for my business?

In many cases, this is highly dependent on business type. Research has found that beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands are frequent users of influencer marketing. When used to promote a very specific product or to demonstrate a specific service, influencer marketing can make a big difference in reaching an audience in a wide geographic area.

If you're interested in strategies to boost your reach on social media, the TechnicalRS Team is here to help! Contact us today

Display Network Video Advertisements

Over time, Google has made a point to continuously optimize its ads platform, and recently integrating video content into Display Network ads has been easier than ever. 

Google Ads now pulls video content directly from your YouTube channel and integrates it into the ads portion of videos on other channels. This is a great way to leverage existing YouTube content on your channel, but also a huge opportunity to produce new content to increase reach. A recent survey showed that 68% of viewers watch more video content on YouTube than they watch live on television. 

Is it viable for my business?

Display network advertisements are extremely versatile and can be carefully constructed for a huge variety of business and products. The TechnicalRS team is ready to help with Google Ads-certified team members who can advise and build out an ad campaign optimized for your business. 

Podcast Advertisements

This style of advertisement takes some notes from influencer advertising and some from display network advertising to create something unique that can attract a curated audience. Some researchers have predicted that by 2024, the podcast industry's value will reach as high as $4 billion, up from $1 billion in 2021. This growth comes largely from the accessibility of the platform and the high level of specificity to audiences – if there is a specific interest group you want to reach, it's almost guaranteed that there's a podcast whose audience aligns. 

Is it viable for my business?

The key with a podcast advertisement is knowing the audience you wish to attract. By finding the right podcast or podcast network, you can make a huge impact by communicating directly to your target audience.

Different podcast types handle advertising in different ways, between advertising networks, individual shout-outs, or produced audio ads. If you'd like to know more about how to leverage podcast advertisements in your marketing campaign, contact us

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