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It will never happen to you…until it does. We’ve had clients who have had their emails hacked, opening doors for cybercriminals to gain access to personally identifying information (PII) and other confidential material that can affect the company’s finances, clients, and more.

On the other hand, we’ve also seen clients affected by third-party breaches. These breaches occur when a third party is hacked, allowing cybercriminals to charge their clients for services that may look legitimate, but uses an alternate bank account to receive the payment. Companies have lost thousands of dollars due to various forms of cybercrime, and it’s important to be prepared no matter what comes your way.

Just a few examples of situations that J.F. Shaw Insurance can provide coverage for include property damage, cyber business interruption, ransomware, digital asset damage, reputational harm, crypto jacking, invoice manipulation, and more.

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Coalition offers insurance coverage alongside a full suite of security apps including automated threat and intelligence alerts, DDoS mitigation, security benchmarking, ransomware protection, patch management and more. Coalition assists in identifying risk, preventing attacks and quickly recovering if an attack occurs.

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