Remarketing & Retargeting

Have you ever researched a product only to later see ads for the same product on social media? You might have thought “What a coincidence!” except it wasn’t a coincidence at all – it’s a product of retargeting.

Many people will browse your site, but they rarely invest in your company or product with one visit. That’s where retargeting comes in to potentially save the day.

Retargeting is an advanced technique used to nurture your potential customers through the sales funnel with the goal of ultimately converting them to a paying client.

Once you get people to your site, you don’t want to lose their business by not following up or reminding them, so take the extra step to make them remember you. They may need that extra push to go check out your website again, which may lead to them deciding to purchase a product from your company. This is the ultimate goal.

Utilizing Cookies

Thanks to cookies, every time a visitor lands on specified pages, details are stored on their computer, phone, or tablet. When this happens, your company will be given information regarding what this viewer was interested in and automation systems can help you push emails or ads reminding the viewer of your company/product, and hopefully inspire them to go ahead and make that purchase.

Additionally, if you make the sales process easy and keep your name in front of the client, your credibility grows too.

While it is certainly a complicated process, that’s what we are here for! Our experienced Technical Resource Solutions team can take care of the complicated parts for you by helping you with content marketing, email marketing, and pay per click advertising components of retargeting. We'll save you valuable time by using our repeatable and scalable processes. Just set up a consultation with us to get started.

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