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How to Sell on Facebook

Now is the time to prepare your business for the #NewNormal and implement proactive marketing and technology strategies so you're ahead of the curve, no matter what comes next. Take the first step and learn some practical steps you can implement right now to offer your services on Facebook.

There is no doubt that after this virus passes there will be significant changes in the way we do business. The uncertainty can cause fear and anxiety, but it also gives us an opportunity to innovate. In this webinar, join our Marketing Manager, Meghan Channon, as she walks through some different ways you can offer your services on Facebook.

Content Marketing 

Creating original content on your website is an indirect selling method that allows you to:

  • Start a conversation about a given topic and provide a clear call-to-action opportunity to engage with you to make the sale.
  • Build credibility with current clients, potential clients, and search engines.
  • Increase website traffic and improve your search engine ranking.

Our in-house copywriter, Madelyn McWhorter, can help with every step of the process from brainstorming and writing to keyword integration, search engine optimization, and publishing. We also offer robust email marketing and video blog services complete with social media distribution to maximize your message.

Digital Gift Certificates

With less in-person shopping, offering gift certificates online allows you to increase your sales and revenue remotely. Lots of people want to support local businesses even if they can't visit, so offering a "contact-free" way to purchase future services directly on your website is important. Sharing the page that houses your gift certificate options directly to Facebook helps you boost brand awareness and increase customer loyalty.

Direct-to-PayPal Links

If you want to create a limited-time offer, need to spin up a link quickly, or don't have a website (which we'd be happy to help with), you can use a direct-to-PayPal link to sell directly on Facebook quickly and easily. Be sure to check out the full webinar recording for a step-by-step example of how to implement this option, including how to set up an automated email reply when a sale is made. 

Facebook Marketplace & Shop Tab

If you're selling a physical product, Facebook has an integrated eCommerce solution that allows your followers to view and purchase your items without ever leaving Facebook. By selling to customers on the platforms they already use, you're reducing friction and maximizing your revenue opportunities. It's important to note that Facebook has strict rules and regulations around what you can and can not sell on their platforms, and violation of these rules can get your page banned.

Content Monetization on Facebook

If your content and services can be translated easily to a digital format and you amass a significant following of people who are interested in what you have to say, Facebook offers tools that allow you to make money via instream ads and/or offering subscriptions to exclusive content. Check out the link in the Resources section below for an e-learning course from Facebook on how to get started.

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