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Why Having a Good Logo Matters

Do you remember those huge Yellow Pages® books from the past that were delivered to your doorstep? If you needed a plumber, a doctor, an HVAC company or a full-service business technology company, it was the only way to find one before the internet came along. But what was it that made you choose the one you chose? Most likely it was a full-page ad or a catchy logo instead of a printed name and phone number. A picture or a logo held a lot of power in the Yellow Pages because they represented the very first visual impression of a company.

Now, when people search the internet for a business and land on your website, the same concept still holds true: what is going to set your website apart from all the rest? Your logo. It's your identity and it needs to personify who you are and what your company represents. A strong, well thought-out logo will capture the attention of potential customers and they will most likely want to hang around and get to know you better by taking a closer look at your website. This is how branding gets started.

Your logo should represent your company. If you are a web design company, you would not want your logo to be a grasshopper or a palm tree. Yes, these are nice, but do they represent your company? In our case, the logo's design should immediately trigger the fact that you design websites or provide IT services. Your first impression should be immediate and direct. Logos should be kept simple, but not too basic when it comes to trends and fads. When designing your logo, we want to make it uniquely recognizable.

Technical Resource Solutions in Canton, Georgia can design the perfect logo for your company, along with full service business technology such as Web Design and Development, SEO Management, Cloud Services, Complete IT Business Support, Hosting and Back-up Services, and Web Marketing Services. A good company logo really does matter. It shows that you genuinely care about your company. In turn, this message relates to the customer that you are more than likely going to care about them, as well. 

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