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Why Video Marketing Should Be Your Next Big Move

Video is a powerful tool that can be utilized in any industry for marketing purposes. Need to put together an explainer video? Advertise your services? Interview an employee on the subject they specialize in? Record an event? Release a how-to video? The possibilities of video marketing are endless, and those that we listed are just a few of the directions you can go in. Our society continues to gravitate towards video content now more than ever. IGTV, reels, Facebook Watch – almost every social media platform has promoted video, and consumers are liking it… 

Why Video Marketing Works 

If so many companies are weaving video marketing into their strategy, there must be a reason. However, what are the actual benefits of video marketing? According to Wyzowl, people watch an average of 16 hours of video a week, and 84% of people say they have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand's video. That's powerful. Since social media platforms value video so highly, the algorithm is much more likely to rank those posts higher, leading them to be seen by more people. With video commanding the attention of the viewer, we see less passive marketing and a higher chance of eliciting emotions from the viewer. When you get your audience to this point, you're just moments from convincing this person to purchase your product or service and hopefully investing in your brand. The ultimate goal is to nurture conversions, and video marketing has proven to fiercely influence purchases, loyalty, and brand awareness. 

Check Out the Studio  

Many of the videos we're about to highlight are possible thanks to our studio! We used our 360 camera to capture where the magic happens - check it out!

Technical Resource Solutions Video Repertoire 

We have witnessed firsthand the power of video marketing, and we love when our clients allow us to utilize it for their company. Below are just some of the projects we have completed. 

Live Stream 

If you keep up with us on our social media platforms, you may have seen us hosting live-streamed videos in our in-house facility, 2aT Studio. We cover various IT, marketing, and website topics, offering our team as a resource to our clients who are looking to expand their knowledge base in these topics. From a technical perspective, these live streams warrant a great deal of preparation from the guest and host, but add a fun, human element to the mix. The goal should be to entertain, engage, and/or inform your audience. Our studio is equipped with a green screen, so we can get creative on your background or use your logo as the focal point. Flexibility and creativity are key! 


Virtual events have become popular and likely aren't going anywhere despite the return of many in-person events. Gatherings that take place in-person take a great deal of preparation, and virtual events are no exception. For the Cherokee County Educational Foundation, the Technical Resource Solutions team produced the virtual 2021 Celebration of Education Gala. Thanks to a great deal of coordination and teamwork, we were able to produce an awesome event that brought thousands of viewers.


Not everyone has an audience that appreciates animated video, but if you do – it's worth the investment. Our Digital Marketing Coordinator, Al Such, has a knack for animation, so he put together a video to go with our "Twas the Tech Before Christmas" poem. Our clients loved it and we had a blast making it. This was a fun way to show off our playful side while putting Al's animation skills to work and generating a lot of awesome social media engagement. Can you think of a fun and relevant way to implement animated video into your strategy? 


Our 360 camera takes video marketing to a new level. With this camera, we're able to create a unique, interactive view of an event or project by capturing shots in every direction at one time. It provides a unique perspective for viewers as it creates a more realistic shot whether it be still images or videos. This would also be beneficial If you wanted to create interactive Google maps. Want to showcase a facility? This is the perfect option. In the example shown to the right, we filmed Atlanta Swim Academy's 2019 Underwater Christmas Party. We loved this project! 


You want to create content that appeals to everyone whether they prefer reading written content, looking at infographics, or watching videos. If you find yourself covering a tough subject or needing to explain something succinctly, an explainer video is an excellent choice! This brings together the best of written, visual, and auditory content, thus appealing to a wide variety of people and creating truly useful content. 


Every company needs to promote its products, services, and events. Visual and written content can go a long way, but video adds that special piece that really appeals to people. These promotions can feature a well-known person within the organization who can tell the audience everything they need to know about what is being promoted. As previously stated, drawing out emotion is the goal as this inspires action more than seemingly intangible content. 

How It Can Help You 

Video marketing might just be your ticket to digital marketing success. Taking a chance on video could change the game for your marketing strategy, and we would love to be a part of the journey. It's a team effort, but the results are worth it. To brainstorm the best ways to work video into your marketing strategy, contact us!

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