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Are Your Scanned Documents Secure?

It's not unusual to for a paperless office to make heavy use of the "scan to email" feature on their copiers. With this feature, it's easy to quickly convert paper documents into digital formats that can be backed up, tracked, and secured more than free-floating paper. 

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Using a Password Manager in 2023

Nowadays, it seems that everything requires you to be logged in. Chatting with friends, changing your watch face, and even ordering a submarine sandwich are more convenient than ever through online portals, but you won't get very far without an account to manage the information those sites contain. And with all those accounts comes a massive library of passwords to manage. It's absolutely understandable that there might be too many to remember, but that doesn't mean you should resort to strategies like using a single multi-use password or keeping all your passwords written in a book. Password management programs come with a huge variety of benefits that will keep you and your data safe. 

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What is Multifactor Authentication?

Going the extra mile to keep your information more secure may not be as complicated as you'd expect. One of the easiest (and often most common) ways to make your online accounts more secure is to enable multifactor authentication (MFA). Sometimes called "two-factor" authentication, "two-step" verification, or TOTP (Time based one-time password), this process ensures that when an online service detects a login from you that it really is you logging in.
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Standardize Tech for an Efficient Workplace

When it comes to buying equipment for a workforce, you're faced with a balancing act. Between the cost of the equipment, its capabilities, and its practicality, it can be hard to narrow down what the ideal workplace machine will look like. To top it off, the issue is made even more confusing thanks to widespread supply issues for computer components. Despite all this, standardizing your workplace's computing infrastructure can have real effects on a company's bottom line.

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