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10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a New Website Design

There is no denying that mobile devices are ubiquitous, and it should come as no surprise that mobile internet browsing has now surpassed that of desktop use. According to Statcounter Website Analytics, as of September 2018, worldwide usage stats are as follows:

  • Mobile- 51.7%
  • Desktop- 44.12%
  • Tablet- 4.18%

Is your website current? 

1. Do you have a static website, or do you have a responsive one? 

A static website will load and look the same across all devices, but a responsive, adaptive web page/site will conform to all devices used, making it a much better choice for the end user. If you currently have an outdated website, it can look unprofessional and you may lose a potential customer who will move on to find a site that looks more current and works better with their mobile devices. 

2. Are your links viable? 

When is the last time you checked to make sure all of your links are live and that they click through to another page on your website.? This can be frustrating to those who are navigating your website only to reach a dead-end during their search. 

3. Do you rely on forms as a method of communication or convenience for your customers? 

If they can't access the forms they need to fill out on their mobile device, then you are making a bad impression from the start. This is especially important for medical, dental, lending institutions, or other sites where a customer can electronically fill out a form, submit an electronic signature, and have all necessary paperwork completed before an appointment.

4. Is your phone number clickable? 

When a person clicks on your phone number using a mobile device and has the ability to directly connect to you, this is impressive. If your website does not offer this convenience, it's time to upgrade. 

5. Do you offer products or services that customers are able to pay for on your website? 

 If not, it would benefit you to upgrade to an e-commerce site to make it easier for customers as well as for yourself.

6. Does your current website clearly define the brand you are building? 

If not, it's time to think about a logo design and new content, along with a new look to invite customers to stay and look around and to learn more about your services or products you offer. 

7. Marketing is critical for helping customers find your company on the internet. 

Good content such as educational content, blogs, and newsletters are a great way to keep fresh information about your company available. If your current website cannot support adding new information for better marketing purposes, it's time to upgrade your old website to a new one.

8. Although good content is important, videos are important, too. 

Do you have an informative video on your website where people can learn more about your company and get a visual idea of what you can offer them? Videos are becoming increasingly popular for marketing your company, and therefore are a great investment to make. 

9. Have you taken a look at your competition's website and did you find it superior to yours? 

Study what you liked or disliked about it. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and determine what might be lacking from the competitor's site and build from there so your new website can have the advantage. 

10. Is your website inviting? Does it reflect your company's personality, and will potential customers connect the aesthetics to what you provide? 

If you are a law office, you wouldn't want a picture of a polar bear sitting on a frozen tundra (unless you represent polar bears)—you would want a photo of the Scales of Justice, or something to that effect. You get the idea. 

The importance of having a responsive website design cannot be overlooked if you want to be found on the internet or if you want to market and grow your company. With an office in Woodstock GA, Technical Resource Solutions can make your website mobile responsive through either a redesign or by creating a new website and they also offer logo creation, IT services, hosting, SEO, business support, and so much more. If your website is not supported by mobile devices, you could be missing that next big sale.

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