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Your Business’s Branding: Finding a Balance

Running a successful business takes a lot of work, and a great deal of the early work in bringing customers in the door lies in the visual realm. As a business, your visual identity can do a lot of the talking for you, and if done improperly can push traffic away. While some of the top companies are always changing their logo to chase yearly trends, keeping a consistent visual tone can be one of the key factors in creating lasting relationships with your clients and customers. 

At some point in your company's life cycle, there was a vision for what everything would look like, from the logo to the company car, to the business cards, and even your website. All these things are a part of a visual string that ties different aspects of your business together and checking in on the visual identity of your marketing strategies can ensure that you stick out in a crowd.

Why Consider Your Branding?

There are many different things that make up your identity as a company, and your branding is an important part. Are you known for exceptional customer service? Speedy delivery on projects? Attention to detail? Maybe all of the above? Believe it or not, there are visual aspects that can help convey all these qualities to the public.

The style of your branding, even down to the colors you use, can quickly tell a story to the customer. Maybe a law firm uses bold and muted colors like navy or grey to convey their seriousness and attention to detail. A day care center might use bright pastel colors like pink or blue to appeal to parents with young children. Thinking about your color choices as a brand can speak to the customer before they even walk in the door.

Follow the Trends or Remain the Same?

You may notice big companies which have changed their logos drastically several times over their lifetimes to keep up with visual trends. While it may be smart to change a thing or two about your business over the course of 50 years, a business's visual branding – if stably maintained, can signify that you run a sound and strong company.

As the world transitioned from computers to smartphones to access the internet, we saw logos and branding become bolder, clearer, and simpler – making them easy to read on a smaller screen. As the way customers interact with your business changes, whether that is on mobile or web, Technical Resource Solutions can customize your content marketing to succeed on any platform.

How We Can Help

When marketing your company, we want your content to be engaging, fun, and relevant to your target audience – tell them what they are looking for, and why you're the answer. Having a cohesive brand, style, color, and tone can make all aspects of your marketing content represent you evenly and effectively. Giving your business a good look in the mirror can improve your credibility and bring in more customers over the lifetime of your business.

Want to learn more? Contact Technical Resource Solutions today to find out how we can provide feedback, assist in branding, and come up with a plan for success.
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