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Windows Efficiency: Keyboard Shortcuts

The mouse was a fantastic invention. Back in 1981, the first one was introduced for use with a Personal Computer; in fact, you can go as far back as 1964 to find the first prototypes, invented by Douglas Engelbart. Today, you can hardly get a computer without one and some features require a pointing device of some kind to access. But most features can still be accessed by keyboard alone, and many are more efficient when accessed via keyboard shortcuts. This month I share a few of my favorites with you.

To use these shortcuts press and hold the "modifier key" such as Shift, Control, Alt, or the Windows Key ( ), then press and release the key for the shortcut.

Key Combo Function
Arrow Keys Move around the document
Shift + Arrow Keys Select text
Ctrl + Arrow Keys Move a word at a time
Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Keys Select a word at a time
Home Go to the beginning of the current line
Ctrl + Home Go to the beginning of the current document
End Go to the end of the current line
Ctrl + End Go to the end of the current document


Key Combo Function Key Combo Function
Ctrl + X Cut Ctrl + B Bold
Ctrl + C Copy Ctrl + U Underline
Ctrl + V Paste Ctrl + I Italic
Ctrl + A Select All F2 Rename
Ctrl + Z Undo F3 Search
Ctrl + Y Redo F5 Refresh
Windows + M Minimize Open Windows Windows + E My computer
Windows + Up Arrow Maximize Current Windows Windows + Down Arrow Minimize Current Window


These are just a few of my most commonly used shortcuts. They keep me from constantly reaching for my mouse to perform regularly used functions. It may not seem like a lot of time or effort to save with each operation, but it definitely adds up over time.

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