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How to Filter Data in Excel 2018

Sometimes when you're working on a project on an Excel spreadsheet, you don't need to see all of the information. It often can be more helpful to only show a certain category of data. For example, if a corporation had a massive list of every order they have in the system, they may only need to see the pending ones - which is when it might be helpful to filter data.

Well luckily, Excel can help you temporarily hide all of the information you don't need – see below for instructions on how to filter the plethora of data on your spreadsheet. 

1. Start with a spreadsheet that has a header row for each column.


2. CTRL + A and select all of the data you want to filter.


3. Click "Filter" in the ribbon of the "Data" tab.


4. You will see that each header has a drop-down arrow. Choose what needs to be filtered by clicking the drop-down arrow by the header that contains the information needing to be filtered. Make sure the box next to the information you want displayed has a check mark by it, leaving the unwanted information without a check mark.


5. Click "Okay" and the unwanted information will be temporarily hidden. 


Note: If you wish to take the filter off, simply click "Filter" on the ribbon to disable the previously set filter.

If you have any other questions regarding Microsoft Office ribbon/menu items in Excel, please Contact Us – and don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook!"
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