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What Should Be on My Website?

Got a website that needs a rebuild? Need a new one for your business? You're in the right place, and even if you don't know where to start, we've got you covered. With something as vital to your business as a website, starting a new site or refreshing one you've had in the past can seem like a daunting task, but once you break down your wish list you might find it can be easier than you think.

Where Do I Start? 

The content on your website is one of the main factors that can drive it to be successful and achieve the goals you've got in mind for your business being online. Once you have your website's goal in mind, you can start approaching what you need. If you want your website to be an information source, having detailed written content and multimedia will be important. If you want your website to serve as a tool to drive in clients or customers, you'll want to make sure to prioritize the right content to drive contact forms, appointment booking and more.

Written Content 

The written content on your website should be fit to reach a broad audience. Think of your current clientele or target demographics, and then take it a step further. Not everyone who comes across you on the web might know the ins and outs of your business or products, so taking the time to inform the reader will pay off in reeling in customers in the future.

Typically, for a page on your website you should aim for a minimum of 500 words. If this seems low for you, don't worry! Having more is never a bad idea. The rule of thumb, though, is quality over quantity: search engines rank web pages based on the relevance and readability of the content for a person who may be searching for that content. Another great aspect of building your website with Technical Resource Solutions is utilizing our content writer. With a brief meeting about your products, services, business history, and mission statement, our content writer can craft website content and provide a proof to review – giving you time to run your business while we handle the behind-the-scenes work. 

Visual Content 

In today's world, many of us are visual learners – we need to see it to understand it better. That is why having great photos, and videos if applicable, can bring your website to the next level. Maybe you have a deep portfolio of work done for clients, maybe you snap a before-and-after picture with your smartphone on a jobsite, or maybe you have some incredible headshots of your staff or pictures of your office or facility. Whatever you bring to the table can really add to the finished product. Having pictures and video helps bring your website to life, adding much needed personalization to a digital world to help connect you with your customers.

Want to start from scratch? No problem! Our in-house studio is here to help you bring your visuals to the next level. We're here to help you create professional, memorable, and engaging content for your brand or business. 

Learn More

Your website's written and visual content are a great place to start with Technical Resource Solutions' template site, and if you're thinking about going for something more custom, we've got you covered. Check out our website to learn more, or contact us today! 

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