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Google and Joomla! Join Forces Through Sponsorship

It's safe to say that most everyone knows about or at least has heard of Google. It's also safe to say that you probably use it every day! However, if you're not a Technical Resource Solutions website customer, you may not have heard about Joomla, an open source content management system (CMS). We chose this platform over 10 years ago and have spent a great many hours explaining to current and potential customers the many benefits of Joomla, with many of them having never heard of the platform at all. Thanks to Google's recently announced sponsorship of Joomla, we're expecting this platform to become more familiar among business owners. Our team is excited about this new development and we are looking forward to all of the benefits that come with this sponsorship. 

What Google's Sponsorship of Joomla! Means

Joomla, along with several other content management systems, is considered open source which means that the CMS is maintained by a community of developers instead of being developed, maintained, and owned by one company. With an open source CMS comes a great deal of flexibility as anyone can modify the source code to meet their needs or even contribute to the development of the platform officially for the benefit of others. Even with Google's sponsorship of Joomla, this CMS will continue to be an open source CMS. Additional benefits of the partnership are shared goals including:
  • Google working to provide updates on best practices, technology, and tools
  • Joomla encouraging site owner success
  • Improving the overall user experience
  • Better security, usability, and information 

What This Means for Current and Future TRS Customers

One of our goals at Technical Resource Solutions is to stay up to date on the latest in the world of technology, marketing, websites, and SEO. With Google's sponsorship of Joomla comes information regarding: 
  • Site owner success
  • Improved user experience
  • Secured web
  • Technology
  • Tools
  • Improved performance tooling
  • Privacy and security
  • New web platform capabilities 

All of these things will contribute to the success of your website and give us even more tools to better serve our customers. 

Why TRS Chose Joomla!

Though one of the most powerful companies in the world just recently began sponsoring Joomla, we have been working with this platform for 10+ years. In fact, our Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Scott Lavelle, was the first Joomla! Certified Administrator in the United States! Scott is an expert in this platform and has used his knowledge to create hundreds of websites for industries of all types and has passed down his wealth of knowledge to our team members. But – what drew Scott to Joomla before Google made it "cool"? Good question! Here are some reasons Joomla is our preferred content management system. 

  1. Joomla! vs. WordPress. WordPress actually started as a platform made exclusively for blogs. As the years passed, WordPress slowly morphed into a blog platform shapeshifted into being utilized for entire websites. Joomla, on the other hand, was specifically made for full website development, thus creating big shoes for WordPress to fill despite WordPress' popularity.

  2. User Friendly. When a client purchases a website from us, the ownership of the website itself belongs to the customer and not us. With Joomla's user-friendly interface, we're able to train our customers on how to make changes to their own website. Though we're always happy to help and fill in the gaps where needed, we want to empower our customers to make changes themselves when capable. Part of what drives our choices from the thousands of available components that can be added to Joomla is how sites can be made more powerful while continuing to be user friendly.

  3. Kept Up to Date. There's nothing more frustrating than an outdated site that doesn't have the functionality you need. Joomla is constantly implementing updates to make sure the user is getting a quality experience. 

  4. Superior Database Structure. From a technical point of view, the code and structure of the database are superior in Joomla. For some context, do you care about all of the parts that make your car run? As long as it continues to run, you probably don't spend lots of time thinking about that – until there's a problem. If you own a quality car with quality parts, there's hope that it will be a quick fix. However, if it's a poorly-made vehicle – you're going to be hard-pressed for a successful repair. The same is true for your website.

If you can't tell, we're so excited that Google saw as much value in Joomla as we do! If you're looking for a new website or updates, we would be happy to talk to you about how Joomla could be beneficial for your company. To discuss options and pricing, contact us. 

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