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A "Value"-able Lesson

If there's one thing I've learned through my years of being the ears of Technical Resource Solutions, it's that there's cheap and then there's value – and cheap can end up costing more in the long run.

Last month, we talked about resisting the DIY route for your website. This month, we'll talk about the difference between a trained, experienced professional and someone who knows "just enough to be dangerous."

The very first business website went live in August of 1991, and the ONE BILLIONTH website came into existence in September of last year. In order to stand out among those kinds of numbers, your website has to be amazing. And it's unlikely that you're going to get an amazing, functional, and secure site from someone who creates websites "on the side."

Your niece in college might be able to create a decent-looking website, but will she understand what will help your site stand apart from others in your industry? Will she be able to update the site during exam week? And if the site crashes while she's in class, how much of a priority will it be for her to drop what she's doing and get things back up to speed so you don't lose business?

Maybe you have a friend who dabbles in web design and offers to create a site that will "save you money." Have you considered what that up-front savings might cost you in the long run? Can your friend guarantee a site that is mobile-friendly? How savvy is your friend at creating a site that is hack-resistant? Can he add a shopping cart with the most up-to-date security features to keep your customers' information safe from online thieves?

When comparing up-front costs to build a site, take an extra moment to look into the future and think about what it might cost you – in credibility, time, and lost customers – if your "cheap" website doesn't live up to your needs and expectations.

A cheap website is like a pair of shoes from the discount store: you'll settle for them in a pinch, but wouldn't recommend them for the long haul. A website is a good value when it presents a professional image, meets or exceeds performance expectations, offers security to you and your customers, and can grow with your business over time.

Plus, hiring a professional can help you avoid that awkward silence with your niece at the next family reunion!


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