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Digital Advertising for the Local Business Owner: Part 2

In our previous blog we described the different types of ads and some of the ways they can be sent out to your audience. When coming up with a plan for sending out blogs, a few things are important to keep in mind: targeting, reach, and budget. Balancing the first two against the third can be troublesome, but you're not alone. The Technical Resource Solutions team is here to work with you to plan out and set up your ad campaigns to ensure that your budget is being spent as efficiently as it can be.

What is targeting?

Targeting is the process by which an ads manager can ensure that ads are impressing for the right group of people. If your business sells aquariums, for instance, you might be interested in attracting new fish owners or people doing research on fish tanks. As such, your ads account manager will research interest groups or behaviors related to people starting their first fish tank and target based on that research. Targeting is an essential tool to make sure that your ads are impressing efficiently, since an ad that lands on the screen of someone searching for bird cages might mean that an otherwise interested person won't see it.

Why can I not see my own ads?

A common thing that business owners may come across is that while Google, Facebook, or any other ads platform tells them that their ad is impressing, they aren't seeing the ad pop up themselves. This can be unnerving at first, but it is actually a good sign that your ad is working exactly how it should.

Google keeps track of individuals who Google a specific business but does not click on its ads. In this way, Google is identifying you as someone who is not a potential customer. As a business owner, it's important to not click on your own ads, because you're paying for an ad click and you wouldn't want to pay just to visit your own website. Over time, Google notices the trend and stops impressing those ads on people with that behavior pattern so that the ads can be more likely to show up to potential customers.

How do I know which kind of ad is the best?

Each type of ad has its own set of benefits and detractors, and that's where your Technical Resource Solutions ads manager comes in. We can help you identify a target audience, where that target audience is most likely to be looking for information that is relevant to your business, and what kinds of ads would be the most effective with that group. Beyond that, we will help you set an ads budget and monitor the budget for efficiency. Targeting strategies and ad placement strategies can change over time, so we'll take care of the ongoing research and minute changes that will help your ad be as successful as it can be.

Ready to start showing ads to your potential customers?

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