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Windows 8.1 End of Life is January 2023

 As the end of 2022 approaches in the coming months, so does the support for Windows 8.1. That's right, Windows 8.1 will reach end of support on January 10th, 2023, that means that technical assistance and software updates for 8.1 will no longer be offered. Not only will Microsoft halt software updates to Windows 8.1, but the company will be halting security patches as well.

If you or your business is still running on Windows 8.1, here are a couple things to know moving forward:

Will My Computer Stop Working?

The short answer is no, but it is not recommended to continue using a computer running Windows 8.1 while connected to the internet. While your PC will run Windows 8.1 after January 10th, 2023, it will not receive security updates, or be eligible to receive technical support or software updates. Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving field, and security updates are intended to patch security holes as they appear – without these constant updates, your computer will become more vulnerable to attack the longer it goes without an update. 

Is Windows 11 More Secure?

Not only is Windows 11 the most secure version of Windows, using an outdated and out-of-support version like Windows 8.1 can put you and your business at a security risk. Unlike Windows 8.1, Windows 11 features the latest in Microsoft's encryption and data protection, network security, and antivirus technologies and is continually being updated to improve those systems. Since your system running Windows 8.1 won't receive security updates after the end-of-life date, it is important to make sure your PC is up to date.

How Can I Get Windows 11?

Windows 11 is Microsoft's latest operating system, and there are a couple ways to get your hands on it if your computer is currently running Windows 8.1.

Installing Windows 11

If your PC meets the minimum system requirements to run Windows 11 then you should be able to purchase and download the latest version. Going this route most likely will require you to reinstall applications and to backup and transfer your data and files prior to the installation process.

Check here to see if your system meets the minimum requirements.

Purchasing a New PC

If your system does not meet the minimum requirements, or is too old, the best option is going to be getting a new system entirely. Getting a new PC will allow you to either purchase and download the newest version of Windows 11, or it might come with it already.

If you need a new system to run Windows 11 for your business, contact us today.

Unsure About Windows 11?

If you don't think you want the newest Windows operating system, or if you aren't sure your PC can handle it, Windows 10 is still a perfectly fine option. Microsoft has even announced that they are going to be extending support for software and security services all the way through 2025.

If you are a business owner and use Windows for your business, an IT team is crucial in implementing any operating system changes when a new one enters the market. Our team at Technical Resource Solutions has internally tested Windows 11 since release, and can provide our business clients with advice on upgrade recommendations as needed.

If you or your business have any concerns about a system running Windows 8.1 or just upgrading to Windows 11 in general, feel free to open a support ticket with Technical Resource Solutions today!

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