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Three Reasons to Make Training a Priority for Your Business

In our technology driven society the need for training would seem obvious. Most companies provide some kind of handbook, tutorial, or even on-the-job training for program and process changes.

But these days many companies are sidelining career development training. While it makes sense to put some of the responsibility for growth and development on employees, employers should still keep annual enrichment training in their budgets. Here are three reasons why.

1. Boost Morale and Improve Customer Service
Employees feel valued when they are given enrichment training. This leads to better work all around, but it can especially be seen in Customer Service. Employees who are happier at work are more excited about diving in and making their customers happy. A sense of reciprocity kicks in: my company values me, so I want to show that I value my company.
2. Improve Versatility and Efficiency
Small companies especially benefit from cross training. Employees get a better understanding of the business, feel a stronger tie to the teams they work with and are able to work faster and better when they know the key steps that both lead to their work and follow it.
3. Get More Ideas for the Business
Training often gives employees a broader look at both their company and industry. This gets the creative juices flowing and soon ideas for everything from process improvements to new products come in. Employee loyalty improves if their ideas are implemented.
Enrichment training can be anything from a week-long offsite experience, to a few hours in a training room, to a well developed webinar that employees can take from their desk. Whatever the case, giving employees dedicated time to advance their skill set will give employers measurable long-term gains.

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