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Sit, Stay & Listen Before Buying Your Next Laptop

As someone with hypersensitive hearing, it's easy for me to hear beyond the words of a conversation, which means that if someone is really happy – or really frustrated – I know about it pretty quickly.

Sometimes people sound frustrated when they bring their new laptops or tablets to a meeting, and they've forgotten a cord, can't find a file, or find out their new device isn't compatible with their existing software. Business people like it when their applications work, when they can see the screen, and when they don't have to plug it into the wall to make sure it runs during an entire meeting.

A lot of those frustrated people have a Chromebook. At first, they're all excited about it; "after all," they say, "I heard that guy on the radio say it's one of the best."

Well, if you ask me, they shouldn't buy a device based on a generic recommendation from a popular consumer advisor. Does that guy realize most people are looking at how technology can improve their bottom line over the long term, not just with up-front costs? Did they call that guy and ask what the best recommendation was for their specific business?

If they had asked us what we recommend to fulfill their needs now and in the future, that laptop might well be Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

My ears perk up when I hear about all the benefits of this laptop-tablet hybrid, partly because the people who use the Surface Pro 3 are so excited about all its benefits.

First, it has great battery life. If you don't always remember to bring your cords to a meeting, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has a battery that lasts up to seven hours!

It's powerful and boasts great file capacity, too, with up to 512GB storage and 8GB RAM. And it works well with all of the commonly used Microsoft business applications.

Like most great breeds, it's also pleasing to the eye, with exceptional screen resolution.

And while I'm a purebred myself, there's something to be said for hybrids: the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 combines the best features of a laptop and a tablet into one amazing piece of equipment.

It may not take the place as "man's best friend," but it sure comes close!

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