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2020 Technology Gift Guide

Believe it or not, Christmas is right around the corner and you'll want to jump on the Christmas shopping early this year. While many families have the long-standing tradition of going Black Friday shopping the day after Thanksgiving, many stores are shutting their doors on Thanksgiving and promoting sales for months instead of for 24 hours. Though it's all in efforts to keep people safe, this could potentially change the way we shop for Christmas gifts moving forward. According to Clark Howard, we're more likely to see sales in October and November, with a drastic increase in prices after December 11th. To help you get your shopping done early, we decided to release our 2020 Technology Gift Guide early this year. Check out these gifts selected by the whole Technical Resource Solutions team! 

Arlene Dickerson: Copernicus Tech Tub2 - $232.14

With technology devices being such a big part of our day-to-day lives, security and device management is a priority. Tech tubs have everything I need to keep my technology safe. This tub holds all generations of iPads, most 11" Chromebooks, and other tablets. Equipped with storage trays, a power strip with surge protection, and ventilation holes – my technology will be secure!

David Lee: Ring Video Doorbell 3 - $349.99

Safety is at the forefront of many homeowner's minds. With the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, I can monitor my front door remotely and let trusted visitors into my home through the app. When I'm not available to tend to the app, I can give trusted visitors the code to the door to let them in. It's easy to install on most standard doors and I feel safer knowing who is approaching my front door while I'm gone. 

Margaret Surber: Portable Monitor for Laptop - $219.00

With more people than ever working from home this year, this portable monitor is perfect for those who need to easily move from room to room without having to lug a bulky monitor around. With a portable monitor, I'm able to easily pick it up and move to a new location. Whether I need to be able to present visuals to clients for in-person meetings or extend my screen, this is a must-have for any remote worker! 

Joe Hogg: Magnetic Charging Cable - $11.99

Cable management at home & on the go. Cables can get messy when you roll them up. With this magnetic cable, I can roll my cord up without it coming undone. This is perfect for those that love organization or no-stress cord storage. 

Madelyn Montgomery: Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug - $179.95

As a writer, one of my favorite activities is sitting down to write a blog with a hot beverage in hand. Nine times out of ten, I get lost in the research and writing that goes into a blog which usually leaves me with a cold cup of tea. With the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug, I can select my desired temperature and this smart mug will maintain that temperature for up to three hours on one charge, or all day with the charging coaster. If you know any hot beverage lovers like me, this would be their favorite Christmas present! 

Al Such: Nanoleaf Shapes Smart Lighting - $199.99

The future is here, and the future is all about shapes (for some reason). Sci-fi shows and movies are alight with geometric designs against dark backdrops, and I for one am ready to embrace the distant Blade-Runner future of 2021. These computer-age curios boast a surprising number of features as well. On top of adapting to music in real time, I can play simple games with these touch-enabled lights. They work with an astounding variety of smart home systems, and they can display a staggering array of colors. 

Scott Lavelle: Roku Premiere - $99.98

The Roku Premiere is for those wanting to "cut the cord," especially with theaters not being open and fast Internet being a normality. The Roku line of devices allows me to hook into multiple streaming services and turn them on and off from month to month without long term commitments to services like traditional cable providers. I get to save money while still enjoying my favorite shows and movies.

Jennifer Davis: Hidrate Soark 3 Smart Water Bottle - $62.95

Life is busy, but I still try to prioritize health. With work, family, and friends pulling me in different directions, I forget to drink enough water. The Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle uses a long-lasting battery and a water tracking sensor to track my intake, then the bottle lights up to alert me if it's time to drink water or if I'm behind on my goals for the day. To add some accountability, I can share my progress with friends and family members!

Meghan Channon: Click Grow Smart Garden 3 - Indoor Herb Garden - $99.95

Technology seems to make everything else in life easier – why not gardening too? I've never had much of a green thumb, so I was so excited that I could grow herbs indoors with a little help from technology! This device is equipped with energy-efficient LED grow lights and a water reservoir so all I have to do is plant the seeds, fill the reservoir, and plug in the device.

Harrison Jones: Amazon Smart Plug - $24.99

With the Amazon Smart Plug, I can schedule what time electronic devices turn on or off. This feature also prevents excessive energy use by allowing me to turn devices off remotely. This product works with Alexa and is simple to set up!

Wendy Swing: Weber iGrill 2 - $99.99

My husband is quite the grill master, and this was the perfect gift for him! Instead of having to continuously check the meat to make sure it's done, we're able to place the thermometer into the meat and monitor the temperature from an app. When our food has reached the optimal temperature, we're notified by the app and can be sure that the meat is cooked thoroughly. This is perfect for a grilling pro or someone who is just getting into it!

We hope this gives you some good ideas for your loved ones this year. If you're looking for other potential gift options, check out last year's technology gift guide

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