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Treat Yourself To A Professional Website

A lot of people come into our office, and I sit and listen intently at every meeting while they talk about the things they want in a website, and the things they don't; the things they like about other people's websites – and the things they absolutely don't like.

Where I have the advantage, you see, is that dogs have an uncanny sense for people's emotions. If someone feels confident, I can tell. And when they are unsure about something, well, I know that, too. And a lot of people are really unsure about what they want in a website!

Sure, folks can put together a passable site using a template they get online for just a little bit of money – or even for free. But most people wouldn't want to set up shop in an office or storefront they built themselves with a hammer and nails, because it wouldn't be secure or up to building codes – and it certainly wouldn't give them the professional image they want for their business.

So why do they think they can do that with their website?

More and more these days, people check out businesses on their computers, tablets, or smart phones before they ever decide to make a purchase. Websites that look polished, that are easy to navigate, and that make it easy for customers to find what they need are the ones that set the standard for a healthy client relationship.

And if they plan to buy something online, customers want to know that they are making their purchase from a business whose site is secure – especially since there have been so many stories about hackers and cyber-theft.

The thing is, sometimes people come into our office and listen to what Technical Resource Solutions can do for their business – and they leave thinking they can create a site for themselves, then they contact us when they realize it's much harder than they thought, when the site they constructed malfunctions, or when it doesn't project the professional image they want for their business.

Trust me when I tell you that it's easier to do things right the first time than it is to try and make up for mistakes down the road.

It's a real treat to have a website that looks good, functions well, and helps you grow your business.

And I know a thing or two about treats!

- Sadie

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